Johnny Law

from Let Me Dance You by LAZËR

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Uh, Briso? I'm not seeing too much girlz out here.

Ahhhh, keep driving.

Can this car even fit girlz if we find them?

I think it hold four in the back, two if they iz fat. Now pump up the jamz.

Briso, there iz no girlz and I am wanting to be hungry.

Hammel, I promise I buy you snack if no girlz come in ten more kilometerz.

Get off the road, granny!

See, you idiot? You iz making me drive too slow.

Be patience, I know there iz hot babez coming.

"I know there is hot babes coming." How do you know?

Because we... hey, I think some girl iz making flashy lightz for us to slow down!

Oh, poop!

See, I tell you we get the babez!

It is not girlz, dummy. We iz getting pulled over by copz. Pleaze no ticket for Hammel.

Don't be worry-wart, we can bribe him. I have pot in glove department!

No, you idiot, cloze that up! You iz going to get us arrested! And turn the music off. God! Freaking idiot!

Don't call me namez... asshead.

Alright, just sit there and be quiet, I do the talking.

If we get ticket I'm not buying you snackz.

Shut up!

You want me to cut him? I have knife.

Shut up!

Good evening, gentlemen. You know why I pulled you over?

Because we iz getting too much hot babez?

Briso, I told you shut up!

He he he he. Well, not exactly. Lord knows that ain't no crime. Nah, see, I clocked you boys doin' a 15 in a 60. Now, is there some kind of problem with the vehicle?

Oh! We sorry, officer! I go many faster now!

Not so fast. Mind if I see your driver's license?

Ah, fine.

Say, you boys ain't from 'round here, are ya? Rhineland, huh? That anywhere near Portland?

Um... no?

He he he he. Little joke, that's all.

Thank you for the funny joke. We can go now, yes?

I'll decide when you can go, boy. Now unfortunately, you boys weren't doing anything I can ticket you for, so I'm gonna let you off with a warning. But you need to get the lead out. I don't know how you people drive in your country, but over here we have minimum speed limits.

Hey, you people? What the f...

And put some pants on, too. Y'all look like a couple of butt pirates.

Hey! What doez that mean?

Goodnight, gentlemen.

That son of a... oh, uh... say, excuze me, officer? Uh, just one more thing.

Oh yeah, what's that?

Uh, what iz your policy on awesome burnouts?


from Let Me Dance You, released May 23, 2005
Produced & Arranged by Hammel for Sneaky Productionz
Recorded by Keinhorst at Whale Voice Studioz

Published by Sneaky Productionz (ASCAP)
© 2005 Whale Voice Entertainment/Sneaky Productionz, LLC




LAZËR Dallas, Texas

Most Danger Band on the Planet.

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