¡Danger! (Laz​ë​r Under Siege)

from Let Me Dance You by LAZËR

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Briso, have you seen Keinhorst? We were supposed to play Dance Dance Revolution today.

Be quiet, I'm trying to cook my TV dinner. Where iz the door on this microwaver?

That iz not microwaver you buttwipe, it iz radar machine.

Oh yeah, then why did it just make a "beep beep?"

What?! It made a beep? Move your Salisbury steak off the screen.

Um… Hammel? Why iz a giant swastika moving at our house?

That iz formation used by the Fürher'z Nazi piratez!

Oh, poop.

Quick, go and wake the crow. Find Keinhorst and tell him to raize the drawbridge.

You want to fight the Lazër
We cut you up like razor
Your mission now in danger
Abort it with coat hanger
We are bad guy eraserz
Like Arnold Schwarzenegger'z
You'll never beat the Lazër
And kidz, don't talk to strangerz!

Come on Crow, pleaze awake now
Come on Crow, help us fight now
Come on Crow, Jesus Christo
Come on Crow, wake for Briso
I know, I know, last time I joke you
But this time Naziz really broke through!
Come on Crow, we need you to fly
And shoot everybody with your lazër eye!

Stop it!

You have to fight for Lazër
You have to bring the danger
You have to uze the anger
You have to be the savior
Come on Crow, pleaze awake now
Come on Crow, help us fight now
Come on Crow, you're the best now
Come on Cro… oh poop!

Don't do that.

Lazër, this iz Hammel. I am hanging from ropez in the belfry. I killed 25 Nazi Piratez by pouring acid on them. Keinhorst, what iz your status?

Um… Hammel? This iz Briso. I think I saw Keinhorst swimming in the moat dressed like alligator.

Keinhorst, respond! How many Nazi Piratez did you kill?

I saw him eating a lot of drugz. I think he probably scared some of the Naziz away.

Well tell him to get up here. The radar showz there iz more wavez of Naziz approaching, and it iz looking like the Führer iz with them! Briso, how many did you kill?

Uh… I don't know, I spend 20 minutez trying to awake the crow.

Look, just get him some grubbywormz from the jar on my bureau next to the lotion. Oh no, there'z the Führer!

Now I must kill the Lazër
They give me so much anger
After I shoot you wankerz
I’ll find your mom and spank her
Call me the Terminator
Like Arnold Schwarzenegger
Your crow won't bring the danger
Keinhorst iz alligator!

Destroy them!

No! No! Mein Führer!

Oh, no! Ah! Ah!

Caw! Caw!

Ah! Aaaaaaaah!!!

Caw! Caw!

Lazër, it lookz like we've driven the Naziz away. Good job guyz. Report to me now with your status.

Caw! Caw!

What'z that? You killed 250 Naziz, Crow? Great job. Briso, what about you?

I cannot believe it, me and Lazër Crow killed 250 bad guyz.

Right, Crow told me he killed 250, but how many did you kill?

You're breaking up. I’m sorry, I have to go now.

Whatever. Keinhorst, how many did you kill? Keinhorst, report! Keinhorst?!?


from Let Me Dance You, released May 23, 2005
Produced & Arranged by Hammel for Sneaky Productionz
Recorded by Keinhorst at Whale Voice Studioz

Published by Sneaky Productionz (ASCAP)
© 2005 Whale Voice Entertainment/Sneaky Productionz, LLC




LAZËR Dallas, Texas

Most Danger Band on the Planet.

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