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Uh... Uh...

It'z Heinrich, but you can call me “the master”
Style so sick yo, they thought it waz cancer
Razorblade flow, I'm sharp az a dagger
And Lazër made dough so I got me some swagger
I'm tooled up, now stop with the chatter
Or get your brainz blowed out, I'm cockin' the hammer
You run your mouth, you'z a walking cadaver
It'z 'bout time your old man taught you some mannerz
Yo... get the chalk for theze bastardz
If you're soft I'ma catch ya slippin'… like I tossed a banana
You seen Hammel at the top of the ladder
Hell, I know you pissed, so I brought you some Pamperz
You'z a goner, I have to probably chop you in half
I love slaughtering anonymous rapperz
Bang out till I'm locked in the slammer
Only place I'm gettin' served'z at a Taco Cabana, hey

Think about what the fuck I'm sayin' to you idiotz!

The blonde bomber iz back, about to launch an attack
The Robotnik of rap, a sonic assassin
I'll body a cat at the drop of a hat
It'z like guardin' Durant or boxin' Evander
My abdominal jab make you fall to the mat
That right hook wipe you off of the map, uh
You'll think twice 'fore you talkin' some smack the next time
Muhhfucka, I can promise you that, look
Come here and polish my nadz, the economy'z bad
You need a job, it'z the obvious answer
'cauze you are not gonna last for too long in this game
I'm too strong, I'll demolish your ass, huh?
You ask the hospital staff to help you swallow your mashed potatoez
From your jaw that I fractured
Occupational hazard, phenomenal grammar
I'm settin' an impossible standard

Y'all cannot fuck with my vocab, bitch

Fuckboy MC'z, y'all a dizaster
Y'all'z what they make them colostomy bagz for
So full of shit, 'bout to cauze me to slap ya
For thinkin' you'll could match my astonishing stature
This how it feelz to get stalked by a raptor
The game'z so lame, make me wanna get plastered
Throwed off my ass, grab a bottle of Jack or
Some vodka and swan-dive off of the rafterz
I'm goin' deep, hotter than magma
Flowin' underground since 'Pac waz a dancer
Since Cool J done walked with a panther
I been had funk like your sockz in the hamper, uh
You want war? I'm a army commander
Run down your whole damned squad in a Panzer
Gang-bang a few hoez, rock a bandana
Adios putoz, hasta mañana

Hey yo, throw some effectz on me
I'ma sing on theze foolz

I iz Hammel Heinrich
Boy I done told yo' ass once, suck my white dick
Don't try to bite my shit
Homey, you know I goes hard, like a nightstick
They call me Sneaky Sneak, Sneaky Sneak
But I iz Hammel Heinrich

Yo, it'z over for y'all
Put the mic down, step away from the booth
Uzi Muzik, bitch
Get used to it
Takin' y'all beatz, and I make 'em better


from Blonde Bomber: The Mixtape, released November 9, 2016


all rights reserved



LAZËR Dallas, Texas

Most Danger Band on the Planet.

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