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Hey yo Sneak
Get on your job, nigga
No mercy
Shut this shit the fuck down!

Yo baby, your man'z a pansy
I'm so gangsta, I sag my jammiez
Start bangin' before I'm even out the bed
Fuck smilin', I can't be happy
The do-rag, the goatee
The tattooed tearz on my domepiece, plus some gold teeth
40 oz. of O.E.
My homiez O.G., you know we never snitch to police
No doubt, we loc'ed-out
Chromed-out '64, 'bout to hit the dopehouse
A whole ounce to smoke out
Zapp & Roger "More Bounce" got my wooferz blown out
Yeah bitch! Chillin' with your hoe
Really gettin' dough 'cauze I'm silly with the flow
Pick a muhhfuckin' beat, I'm killin' it fa sho
Mouth like a Glock nine milli' finna blowwww
A drive-by, with rhymez I...
Know I'm quite fly for a white guy, murder a mic, why
Would you diss that Uzi Muzik cartel?
You might die, boom biddy bye bye!

'cauze you're so gangsta
That'z gangsta
Hella gangsta
I'm a gangsta
So gangsta
So gangsta

Back in the building, swag on a billion
Hide all your women and childrenz
There'z an ill wind blowin', Hammel still flowin'
Bunch of lil' homiez on bikez that'll kill for him
So quit fuckin' around
You wanna get found under the ground? We buckin' 'em down
I've been in love with the sound of gunz since I waz 1
Wearin' Huggiez and tuckin' the pound, 'ey!
I move rapz and work at the same time
If you heard a wack verse, it ain't mine
It'z Double-H on the P-Thugg baseline
It bang so hard, you be throwin' a gang sign
What you claimin'? Put your 'hood up
If you ain't from theze partz, I would duck
I should fuck you up just for settin' foot here
But I don't wanna scuff my good Chuckz
They say Sneak let the game corrupt him
He ballin' with them eséz like Duncan
Lazër got that gangsta funk in the trunk
When you ready boy, come get jumped in

'cauze you're so gangsta
That'z gangsta
Hella gangsta
I'm a gangsta
So gangsta
So gangsta

Don't let me get in my zone
Don't let me go get my chrome
Or Lazër Crow, he a deadly drone
He'll turn your head to confetti, homez
See Sneak rap for greenbackz
Pump theze trackz like I'm slangin' G-packz
Fiendz say, "I need that!"
And when it endz, play it again, call it a rematch
More chill than an igloo
Thingz jump off, I'ma give you wingz, though
At my show, I'ma dap you if you singz
If you don't, I'll fuck any bitch you bringz, yo
Run trainz like Am-Trak
Iz that a fact?
I don't know, iz Shaq black?
Do I rock Mavz hatz and grab Macz
To wet wack rap actz up like bath matz?
No "quack quack"... but y'all gotta duck like Aflac
I'm manic, stand back
ASCAP get ransacked
If they don't pay my back catalog royalty cash stat
Heinrich... comin' in hot
Runnin' this spot, y'all gonna get got
Whether you want it or not
Hey yo, where the fuck iz the pot? I got somethin' to drop

'cauze you're so gangsta
That'z gangsta
Hella gangsta
I'm a gangsta
So gangsta
So gangsta

Oh yeah, it'z time to have sax
Baby girl, let'z have sax
Tell me doez you like to have sax?
I love sax... hot sax...


from Blonde Bomber: The Mixtape, released November 9, 2016


all rights reserved



LAZËR Dallas, Texas

Most Danger Band on the Planet.

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