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Sex & Danger (feat. Ol' Farte)

from Twatobahn: Standard Model by LAZËR

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Ah, yes! The Sons of Rhineland are back, you biatches!
Y'all better aks somebody! Platinum? Pshh!
We 'bout to go plutonium up in this hoe!
Peep game!

Attention dancing slavez
Mr. and Miss-behavez
You now rockin' with the Lazër Party boyz
We got it made
Lear jetz, bodyguardz and black carz
Shorty recognize you rollin' with a rap star
Helicopter pad in my backyard
Next to the jaguar cage and the snack bar
Come sail in the Lazër speedboat
With Hammel and his seis amigoz
Both Johnz, CRT, Crow,
Ice von Shredula and Briso
Now everywhere that we go
We getz chased by a million people
You damn right I got a big ol' ego
Name another rapper that'll rock a Speedo

Briso roll around in diamondz!
Ow, so many diamondz!
Hey, unlock the bear cage!
All slutz go on the airplane!
It'z supposed to be hard to find
I buyed it from Wonder Woman online!
Pleaze put Elliot inside
And no you can't come for a ride!

What you know about gettin' propz (what?)
Sneaky be wreckin' shop (huh?)
Let'z rock to the beat, make your head bop
Gotta get wet and hot like a sweat sock
You can rest when the record stopz, yo
Best not on second thought, though
'Cause Lazër Crowbot got a red dot
Aimed at your dreadlockz, you don't wanna get shot
So keep bouncin', keep it movin' (bounce!)
Don't think about what you doin'
Just freak out, start actin' stupid
Gotta use it before you lose it
My crew'z into producin'
Muzik and drug abuzin'
Who gives an F-U-C
Can't you see we only human?

Me shooting nudie moviez
Roofiez and naked bootiez
We drinkin' booze and hallucinating from the shrooming
Oopsy, that waz a doozy
We... Smoothy feel woozy
I haz to make a dookie

Whoa, whoa! Hold up! Hold up! Briso, you sick, B!
And Hammel, you a problem, son!
But now ain't the time for no relaxation, nahmean?
It's 4 a.m., pimpin'!
That means we 'bout to get this paper, feel me?
Here, let me spit somethin:

Who's that sneakin' up behind you girl?
That just my big ol' booty!
Who's that sneakin' up behind you girl?
I give you a clue, it'z Smoothy Smooth.
Who's that sneakin' up behind you girl?
I don't know, lemme sneak a peak.
Who's that sneakin' up behind you girl?
Break 'em off proper Sneaky Sneak!!!!

I spot a lovely girl in the club she
Look yummy az an apple dumpling
Her ba-ba-badunk-a-dunk be
Jumping up and down like a monkey
(Lucky!) It'z time to get funky
Baby hug me, get crunk and hump me
Come rub me in the back of my Humvee
Get comfy, stretch out like a bungie
Shorty want me, she a Playboy bunny
Pretty young thing with a sexy rump, she
Got a tongue-ring and the way she touch me
Gonna give me something of a chubby
Pour enough bubbly drinkz in her tummy
She loosen up like a drunken Gumby
Knock her over like Humpty Dumpty
And bump ugliez eight ways to Sunday

Ha ha ha ha! Well put, Sneaky!
Oh, it ain't over, nucca.
O' Feezy be all up in your mouth with them Sons of Rhineland!
Lazër run the planet, and these haters can't stand it.
The Dub-V got the game on lock, ya heard?
I'ma go find me some cut-up. Hold me down!

Who'z that creepin' up behind you man?
It'z King Jon and Lazër Crow
Who'z that creepin' up behind you man?
Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Hammel with the crazy flow
Who'z that creepin' up behind you man?
Hey yo, it'z Briso and Ice von Shred
Who'z that creepin' up behind you man?
It'z CRT with the TV head

Damn. Well, we back.
The World'z Sexiest, Most Danger Group in the World.
That'z right, uh!
Hey John, bang on! Yeah, bang, uh!
Darth Fader! Keinhorst, R.I.P.
He'z dead. Yeah, that'z what "R.I.P." mean.
Oh, well uh... I got something to say!
Okay, what iz it?
Yo, I... I got somethin' to say, everybody!
Yeah, we heared that part, spit it out.
Uh, I doezn't remember.
Briso, stop touching thoze knobz!


from Twatobahn: Standard Model, released September 17, 2010
Produced & Arranged by Hammel for Sneaky Productionz
Recorded by Darth Fader at Def Star Studioz
Additional vocalz by Ol' Farte

Published by Sneaky Productionz (ASCAP)
© 2010 Whale Voice Entertainment/Sneaky Productionz, LLC




LAZËR Dallas, Texas

Most Danger Band on the Planet.

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