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Right about now...

Iz this mic on?
Sneak 'bout to rap like a python, grab your Nikon
Get a pic that'll last when I'm gone
A portrait of a muzik icon
Had a lifelong dream to write songz
Since I burst out from inside of my mom
With a loaded sidearm
C-4 flow finna blow, I'm a human time-bomb
This Hammel, your pen pal
Been a lil' while since I whipped my dick out
I ain't mean to say “dick” there, it slipped out
Got too throwed and my trouzerz slid down
This sound iz sick, how you twitz doubt this?
I flip stylez... then I stick the dismount
Weak rapperz get clowned
Bring that beat back yo, I need a snare and kick now
This a danger banger
Crow take aim with hiz lazër and waste a hater
I got him trained to spray ya
Straight erase your headspace, make your face a crater
My deranged behavior
I take the razor out, trust me, it ain't to shave ya
I got nowhere to place the anger
So I'm droppin' science like I changed my major

Hold up Sneak, I'm freakin' lost, yo
You rap quick, it'z hard to follow

Aiight then, I'll talk slow:
Say boo, doez you spit or swallow?
That'z Italian... for “What'z good? I clock dough.”
Double-H in boss-mode
I got homegirl full of meat like a freakin' taco
In the whip, show her how to drive the stick right quick
That'z a mighty tight fit
But I knew she'd like it 'cauze I'm a psychic
I got Jedi mind trickz
And every line that I kick'z quite slick
Rhymez sharp az icepickz
Tryin' to get with Heinrich? Eat my shit
You nitwitz couldn't be my sidekick
I'm like you timez six
Hide your chick if she got a fine ass I might hit
One look at the boy'z gigantic privatez
She get turned on like a light switch
Now go rewind this, Sneak the nicest
With all type of mic devicez
Lookin' for the best rapper? I'm it
So everybody else you could suck my white dick
(Ohhhh yessss!)

Ha ha! Hey, yo
This just rapz, you nahmean?
Let'z get real for a second
I don't care if my dick waz white...
Black... yellow... Indian... that other kind of Indian...
Fuckin'... turquoize... clear
That'd be badass... I want a clear dick
But yo, I'm sayin'
I don't care what color it iz
All y'all can suck it, aiight?
Theze foolz think they're rapperz
Heh... Fuckouttahere!
It'z Uzi Muzik
Bend the knee, bitch
Double-H out


from Blonde Bomber: The Mixtape, released November 9, 2016


all rights reserved



LAZËR Dallas, Texas

Most Danger Band on the Planet.

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