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Hey yo, I told you
I'm through playin' with you fuckin' idiotz
You like them Mother Goose lyricz?
Stick to that radio bullshit

Yo, yo...
Yo, this iz not a brag, I got a lot of swag
My nutz big az fuck, so I gotta sag
'bout to light this joint up, you want a drag?
Kill the beat and leave the track up in a body bag
Uh, some people don't like the boy
They jealous of the lifestyle I enjoy
Been buyin' all typez of toyz
'cauze I alwayz had cash like Mike Sirois
And I might destroy a MC talkin' 'bout he got “better skillz”
Roll on him like a fresh set of wheelz
Catch him at that stop light, hop right out
Knife out, now shit iz getting real, my machete killz
Somethin' in the waistband you don't wanna taste, fam
I ain't got the heat... I beat you with a paint can
Sneak, he a made man
And I can't stand wack rapperz more fake than spray-tanz
And all I see'z red, make you eat lead
I'm in that Lambo like Cheezeheadz
Puttin' holez in your dome, drive-by'z till the beef dead
Niggaz in the 'hood give me street cred'
Yeah, Sneak said it, and you can quote me
They can't take me out this game, I'm Kobe
Even with a broke knee, I won't leave
My limp just look more pimp, I'm O.G.
And y'all dudez thought Lazër left, heh...
I'm not through gettin' paper yet
Hot tunez gonna make you sweat
Like C+C, yes I came correct
Sneaky Sneak drop jewelz, no safety net
You think he gon' fall off and break hiz neck?
Pshh... In your dreamz homey, place your betz

'cauze H the best
Annihilate the rest
I blaze the techz
Prolly make a mess
Save your threatz
You haterz 'bout to pay your debtz
You in danger? Yessss

Uzi Muzik!


from Blonde Bomber: The Mixtape, released November 9, 2016


all rights reserved



LAZËR Dallas, Texas

Most Danger Band on the Planet.

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