It was nighttime.
A man had entered the house.
He was going to cut our throats.

Hey yo, I'm so ferocious
I leave foez with broken nosez
Or comatose, it'z the most atrocious
Never shown emotionz, I'm known for dopeness
'cauze I smoke till I overdosez
Your eardrum undergo hypnosis
With this flow I control the oceanz
And nope, still ain't got no diplomaz
'cauze nobody done schooled me yet
Son, I givez a fuck what crew you rep
And you could lose the vest
My Uzi head-shot introduce you to death
You'd be a fool to step if you knew all the toolz I kept
22'z and Tec'z, so who'z next?
I sprayed a few projectilez, then I threw the “X”
You couldn't be more bitch if you grew some breastz
In my Luger Lex, a superstar (ahhhh)
Rapperz in their lil' stupid carz (haaaa)
Think you dope? I'ma prove you aren't (uh-uh)
With two barz, blow you dudez apart (uh-huh)
I do my Hammer dance, 'cauze none can touch me
Except chickz I pickz to hump me (Uh-uh!)
Teach you how to Sneak, motherfuck the Dougie
I comez with flavor like Chuck D (Bass!)
Bass for your face, I came for the papez
Get the plastique, break in your safe
I'm coiled up like a dangerous snake
And one false move, I'ma lay you to waste
Don't be a hero, stay in your place
Just look down like you're sayin' your grace
This kid made a mistake and so I gave him a taste
Hiz mainframe got the data erased
I'm a moving target, it'z hard to shoot me
Nah, you're too far removed G
Marcus Dupree... you tryin' to spar with Bruce Lee
You're John Starkz guarding 23
Chancez aren't improving
Mobz of groupiez on my Johnson, ooowee!
Va-va-voom, we gettin' naughty, who'z she?
Hot-ass cutie let me honk the boobiez
This iz not a movie, like I said on “Lazër Crow”
I slay hoez every day fa sho
It'z not TV, it'z H.B.O...
"Hammel Bustin' Out" with your favorite flow
I make the dough, you got a wayz to go
And fuck rulez, I'm breakin' thoze
When it come to rap, trust a name you know:
Sneaky Sneak, I'm so amazin' yo


from Blonde Bomber: The Mixtape, released November 9, 2016


all rights reserved



LAZËR Dallas, Texas

Most Danger Band on the Planet.

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