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Blonde Bomber: The Mixtape

by Sneaky Sneak a.k.a. Hammel of Lazër

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Würzburg... Iz where hiz birth occurred Where Dirk emerged straight out the blue Like Smurf turdz Dirty like curse wordz All day with the fall-away Call game, iz y'all insane? You just ball, he Hall of Fame Tick-tock, check the clock, mayne Go 'head and just pick your spot, mayne Go 'n' get all up in hiz jock, mayne D still gon' hit the shot, mayne! When dude'z free, you gotz to pass it Assuming you wantz a basket The fool be straight automatic So who thinkz they could stop the Maverickz? Mavz fanz all over earth Holla back if y'all roll with Dirk Dish the rock, let him go to work Get him hot, he'll go berserk That tall baller, gettin' buzy Blonde bomber, who iz he? Big D, if you with me, then scream "Dirk Nowitzki!" Now in case y'all forgot the song This ain't no false alarm Big D still got that awesome blonde He droppin' bombz Some people fronted when he first crossed the pond But y'all waz wrong, we seen it all along 7 feet with a shot? Come on! Now peep game, here'z a fun fact: I can think of only one cat Who come overseaz and won that MVP With skillz you scrubz lack Shot sharp az thumbtackz Grabbed hiz nutsack and sparked a comeback Look up at the rafterz, you see the banner? Nowitzki hung that! Mavz fanz all over earth Holla back if y'all roll with Dirk Pick and pop, let him go to work Get him hot, he'll go berzerk That tall baller, gettin' buzy Blonde bomber, who iz he? Big D, if you with me, then scream "Dirk Nowitzki!" Here-here-here-here'z Nowitzki! Here'z Nowitzki! Here-here-he-he'z heating... Here-here-here-here'z Dirk! D-D-D-Dirk! He-he-he-he-he-he-he'z heating up! Baseline J (shake 'em off now) Pull-up trey (break 'em off now) One-leg fade (shake 'em off now) All damn day (sing the song now) Great Scott! Dirk'z gettin' way hot That'z why he rock a tank top He get paid to pop bank shotz And raindropz, you cain't stop him... 'fraid not OMG! Nowitzki Scoring tonz, with more to come Before he'z done The Deustchman who waz born to gun Swish 41 Hey yo Rick, put away the clipboard Iso Dirk, he 'bout to rip cordz When 41'z in the gym, you get torn up In short, go keep your bench warm Spin toward the rim, score in your face (cash) He took less to win more Anywhere on this court, the kid'z a lit torch You see the fingertipz scorch? Go ask hiz mentor, Holger helped with hiz form But the game waz inborn Make you wanna switch sportz D'z too tall for threez and too quick for big fourz That German import make it rain indoorz And when it rainz, it pourz We got a shooter loose in the building Check the sixth floor, you foolz have been warned! Mavz fanz all over earth Holla back if y'all roll with Dirk Dish the rock, let him go to work Get him hot, he go berzerk That tall baller, gettin' buzy Blonde bomber, who iz he? Big D, if you with me, then scream "Dirk Nowitzki!" Oh my god! Ohhhhh! Shut it down! Let'z go home! Woooo! It'z a wrap, Dirk! Man, that iz a [w]rap!
There'z been another homicide Another MC gone and died And hiz mama cried When they found him in a ditch with hiz body hog-tied The assailant teared hiz voice box out and hiz face waz ripped off But the dental recordz and autopsy ID'ed the victim az Rick Ross A witness on the scene seen a tall blonde flee in a limouzine This iz now a pattern That makez three dead rapperz now countin' the last onez They found Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka last week in a trash heap With both their neckz broke in half And their headz jammed up in each other'z asscheekz It'z Hammel, you heard the name You heard the name I came to murk the game Murk the game Yo... You heared about MF Doom? They had to have him exhumed to see what happened Seemz he waz just nappin' in hiz living room When somebody breaked in the house and removed hiz mouth This monster'z out there doin' this right now! Who'll be the next guy found lyin' face-down on the ground Dyin' from live roundz with hiz tongue sliced out? Tyler, The Creator probably Oddly hiz future'll find him bodied Watch A$AP Mob and J. Cole Az they roll out on a gurney Word B, I murk theze rapperz Make Young Money run from me ... That'z a gun, dummy Shit on Nicki, piss on Drizzy, that bitch iz history Rap Nowitzki, blitzkrieg a 2 Chainz And nah, I ain't forgetted you, Wayne Chop off that thing you claim'z a head With a blade that I ganked from Wu-Tang When I slain the RZA Sneaky iz the grim reaper, get some reefer Leave it on a land mine for Wiz Khalifa And laugh while I give the finger It'z Hammel, you heard the name You heard the name I came to murk the game Murk the game Yo... Backpackin' rapperz to superstarz I don't care who you are You're dead man, I shut Def Jux the fuck down And next up iz Def Jam Jeezy? He'd be too eazy A couple ki'z, he'd agree to meet me In a dark alley... Sneaky up on the roof with the scope, he go POOF! Young Hova getting' runned over Salute me, you'z done soldier Roc boyz, y'all done gone the wrong way Should've let me write your songz, 'Ye But I ain't Rhymefest, I'm just Gettin' somethin' off my chest, you guyz test my patience Goodness gracious, I haz to laugh I still ain't done Aftermath Tell Kendrick I'll split hiz wig with a single order: Drop the mortar and bombz away! This iz not your day I got Dr. Dre in chronic pain Where'z Eminem? Send him in Hammel gon' finish him Spine-rip, Mortal Kombat type-shit Courtesy of Heinrich It'z Hammel, you heard the name You heard the name I came to murk the game Murk the game Uh... uh... In hip-hop it'z no rulez Sneaky take it old school and murder thoze foolz KRS, all them D'z Kool Moe, Chuck, Mike, even Schoolly Rev. Run, I shoot him DMC and Rick Rubin 'cauze he produced them Even Eric B. Man, I don't care if he made the beat, beware of me No Sneak, not him! You don't want a problem with Rakim! It'z no prob, I spray the god A walk-by on my way to Todd Spot L comin' out Chanel, cock the 12-gauge And rock hiz bellz, I pop them shellz A basket case, no rapper'z safe Iz that Masta Ace? I waz born to roll on theze bastardz Slash your face and trash your place Searchin' for Marley'z address Gotz to wet the whole Juice Crew, him and Shan next Hmmm, G Rap still spittin' okay But I can't skip him, no way! Then Biz and Kane get slain, I'm insane Cypress taught me this, mayne But fuck Muggz and B Real You putoz ain't been dope since I rode a Big Wheel You get killed, hit Quik tonight too Had to uze my AK on Ice Cube Got Hav' and P straight shook, do not sleep I teach you how to really Mobb Deep Az in “six feet”, you fuckin' pipsqueakz I turn MCz to mincemeat Slam Onyx... (Slam!) Leave their ass catatonic, I act demonic Attackin' at random, pauze it The game done got full of shit, this a rap colonic And all theze catz gettin' jacked like anabolicz I had to drop this catastrophic track to splatter rapperz ... Jackson Pollock
Hey yo Hammel! Yo, what it iz? You know ain't nobody on your level, right? Heh, no doubt! Muhhfuckaz ain't spittin' with you! Oh, hell no. That's why we gotz to jack 'em for their beatz, you know what I'm sayin'? Word up. So look here: I'ma give you five minutez to show theze niggaz who the fuck you iz, aiight? Gggeah. Go 'head and body that shit, mayne! Uno, T-W-O... Who told you hoez you could uze a few flowz From you know who? I suplex you pinche putoz Get sumo-slammed, hundred-hand slapped Smacked up and that'z that I do my trackz inside the U-boat Too deep for you dopez Shake it fast, make the cash Let me spank that ass Take it off, make it pop Drop it like it'z hot Girlie go, work the pole Horizontal, vertical All around, up and down Baby, scrub the ground Okay, now I'm ready to roll (ooooooh) The tempo got me revvin' to go (ahhhhhh) Electro, it'z inevitable Depeche Mode get me sweatin' fa sho Hot to death yo, check my dress code Fresh gold chain, I'm ill az strep throat Shine on my neck so bright It make my whole head glow more than Destro Future-sex... UFO-type hoez on my testiclez Nymphoz... tig ol' bittiez Mmmm... this thing haz potential Oh… best not forget Crow He locked on with that infra-red scope So if yo' ass ain't movin' yet, so long You 'bout to explode! God damn, Sneak! Slow your roll mayne, let these niggaz' brainz catch up! Aiight... hit me... Heh... Let'z get down to brass tackz Theze rapz danger az haz-matz So don't think just 'cauze Double-H make you dance That he won't clap gatz, brrrap brrrap! I tear rapperz brand new asscrackz Take 'em to school like backpackz 'cauze their rhymez iz wack, and minez iz jam-packed With mad punchlinez and laugh trackz I stack cash like flapjackz More scratch than a nasty bad rash Y'all playin' grab-ass with frickin' Lance Bass I'm backstage gettin' a lap dance Act fast, suppliez can't last much longer, ma She got my flag at half-mast Shawty catch a nad-blast Hey yo H! What up, fam? Pull up your damn pantz! No! Never! Shut up! Shut uuuuuuuup! Heh... yeah... fat chance! Shit gettin' hot az Backdraft So don't test me, stick with lab ratz I'm spittin' fresh Saran [W]rapz Spreadin' verbal anthrax Through CDz and Sneaky'z Bandcamp Xanax, crazy barz Heat for the street, on theze beatz I'm Mad Max Black glovez, black mask... Creep in that hooptie hatchback Uzi in the Gucci knapsack Mac in my lap, #ipackstrapz And Glad bagz for theze Trash MC'z on that stupid swag crap The sad fact iz theze dudez iz pussy They need rapper Tampax 'cauze they ain't sneaky like me Your boy iz Beastie, ask Mike D I laid down more trackz than Chineze Somebody find me a nice breeze 'Cauze I be too hot, too bad you not I burn up your boombox Stay high az rooftopz and freakin' moon rockz Drop some 2Pac We goin' platinum, nigga, we goin' platinum! Y'all scared... and it don't come az no surprize Got you shakin' in your bootz... lemme show you why 'Cauze when Sneaky get to kickin' like Cobra Kai Fuck around, give you more than a swollen eye Wanna battle? Better run out to the store and buy Some better lyricz and a flow before you try To roll the dice with a general, soldier I... Will light you up like the sky on 4 July Y'all could bury me alive in a hole to die But I reanimate and rize up overnight Like Mumm-ra, with [w]rapz and immortal life Demonized, you be haunted by a poltergeist Oh my... this guy shouldn't hold a mic Said he knowed how to rhyme... but he told a lie Meanwhile I got hiz main biatch open wide Do the math, I'ma teach her how to multiply Walk in the door, shorty hit the floor She ain't waste no time, straight gettin' low Started strippin' clothez off like a centerfold Talkin' 'bout "Hammel go hard" like I didn't know Now we in the zone, yeah we finna bone This chick blowin' on my dick like a piccolo Flip her over and stick her in the figure-four Hit her with a load, said she couldn't take anymore That SuperSnake sneak out at nighttime To skeet webz and fight crime Rapperz cain't write rhymez like mine I'm a god damned muzik Einstein You foolz ain't fillin' my shoez I don't care if they super-size you You 5'2” and I'm huge, you tryin' to fight who? That'z suicide, dude! 'Cauze ain't nobody touchin' H-A double-M-E-L 'cept for them freaky femalez My LPz sellz out the retail chainz Gettin' more spinz than Sprewellz She sellz seashellz, a tounge-twister Listen up mister, better come get your Little young sister 'fore I done sticked her I'm just havin' fun wit'cha I'm gettin' hungry, it'z time to eat a Cheezy MC like a slice of pizza Now say hi to the bad guy (Okay?) And my little friend, yeah, nice to meet ya! Every line iz ether I'm rappin' lapz around catz in flyest sneakerz It'z like this: Hammel'z the shit And y'all just diarrhea See ya!
The Master 03:31
Uh... Uh... It'z Heinrich, but you can call me “the master” Style so sick yo, they thought it waz cancer Razorblade flow, I'm sharp az a dagger And Lazër made dough so I got me some swagger I'm tooled up, now stop with the chatter Or get your brainz blowed out, I'm cockin' the hammer You run your mouth, you'z a walking cadaver It'z 'bout time your old man taught you some mannerz Yo... get the chalk for theze bastardz If you're soft I'ma catch ya slippin'… like I tossed a banana You seen Hammel at the top of the ladder Hell, I know you pissed, so I brought you some Pamperz You'z a goner, I have to probably chop you in half I love slaughtering anonymous rapperz Bang out till I'm locked in the slammer Only place I'm gettin' served'z at a Taco Cabana, hey Think about what the fuck I'm sayin' to you idiotz! Dayum! The blonde bomber iz back, about to launch an attack The Robotnik of rap, a sonic assassin I'll body a cat at the drop of a hat It'z like guardin' Durant or boxin' Evander My abdominal jab make you fall to the mat That right hook wipe you off of the map, uh You'll think twice 'fore you talkin' some smack the next time Muhhfucka, I can promise you that, look Come here and polish my nadz, the economy'z bad You need a job, it'z the obvious answer 'cauze you are not gonna last for too long in this game I'm too strong, I'll demolish your ass, huh? You ask the hospital staff to help you swallow your mashed potatoez From your jaw that I fractured Occupational hazard, phenomenal grammar I'm settin' an impossible standard Y'all cannot fuck with my vocab, bitch What?! Fuckboy MC'z, y'all a dizaster Y'all'z what they make them colostomy bagz for So full of shit, 'bout to cauze me to slap ya For thinkin' you'll could match my astonishing stature This how it feelz to get stalked by a raptor The game'z so lame, make me wanna get plastered Throwed off my ass, grab a bottle of Jack or Some vodka and swan-dive off of the rafterz I'm goin' deep, hotter than magma Flowin' underground since 'Pac waz a dancer Since Cool J done walked with a panther I been had funk like your sockz in the hamper, uh You want war? I'm a army commander Run down your whole damned squad in a Panzer Gang-bang a few hoez, rock a bandana Adios putoz, hasta mañana Hey yo, throw some effectz on me I'ma sing on theze foolz I iz Hammel Heinrich Boy I done told yo' ass once, suck my white dick Don't try to bite my shit Homey, you know I goes hard, like a nightstick They call me Sneaky Sneak, Sneaky Sneak But I iz Hammel Heinrich Yo, it'z over for y'all Put the mic down, step away from the booth Uzi Muzik, bitch Get used to it Takin' y'all beatz, and I make 'em better Holla!
So Gangsta 04:36
Hey yo Sneak Get on your job, nigga No mercy Shut this shit the fuck down! Yo baby, your man'z a pansy I'm so gangsta, I sag my jammiez Start bangin' before I'm even out the bed Fuck smilin', I can't be happy The do-rag, the goatee The tattooed tearz on my domepiece, plus some gold teeth 40 oz. of O.E. My homiez O.G., you know we never snitch to police No doubt, we loc'ed-out Chromed-out '64, 'bout to hit the dopehouse A whole ounce to smoke out Zapp & Roger "More Bounce" got my wooferz blown out Yeah bitch! Chillin' with your hoe Really gettin' dough 'cauze I'm silly with the flow Pick a muhhfuckin' beat, I'm killin' it fa sho Mouth like a Glock nine milli' finna blowwww A drive-by, with rhymez I... Know I'm quite fly for a white guy, murder a mic, why Would you diss that Uzi Muzik cartel? You might die, boom biddy bye bye! 'cauze you're so gangsta That'z gangsta Hella gangsta I'm a gangsta So gangsta Bitch! So gangsta Bitch! Back in the building, swag on a billion Hide all your women and childrenz There'z an ill wind blowin', Hammel still flowin' Bunch of lil' homiez on bikez that'll kill for him So quit fuckin' around You wanna get found under the ground? We buckin' 'em down I've been in love with the sound of gunz since I waz 1 Wearin' Huggiez and tuckin' the pound, 'ey! I move rapz and work at the same time If you heard a wack verse, it ain't mine It'z Double-H on the P-Thugg baseline It bang so hard, you be throwin' a gang sign What you claimin'? Put your 'hood up If you ain't from theze partz, I would duck I should fuck you up just for settin' foot here But I don't wanna scuff my good Chuckz They say Sneak let the game corrupt him He ballin' with them eséz like Duncan Lazër got that gangsta funk in the trunk When you ready boy, come get jumped in 'cauze you're so gangsta That'z gangsta Hella gangsta I'm a gangsta So gangsta Bitch! So gangsta Bitch! Don't let me get in my zone Don't let me go get my chrome Or Lazër Crow, he a deadly drone He'll turn your head to confetti, homez See Sneak rap for greenbackz Pump theze trackz like I'm slangin' G-packz Fiendz say, "I need that!" And when it endz, play it again, call it a rematch More chill than an igloo Thingz jump off, I'ma give you wingz, though At my show, I'ma dap you if you singz If you don't, I'll fuck any bitch you bringz, yo Run trainz like Am-Trak Iz that a fact? I don't know, iz Shaq black? Do I rock Mavz hatz and grab Macz To wet wack rap actz up like bath matz? No "quack quack"... but y'all gotta duck like Aflac I'm manic, stand back ASCAP get ransacked If they don't pay my back catalog royalty cash stat Heinrich... comin' in hot Runnin' this spot, y'all gonna get got Whether you want it or not Hey yo, where the fuck iz the pot? I got somethin' to drop 'cauze you're so gangsta That'z gangsta Hella gangsta I'm a gangsta So gangsta Bitch! So gangsta Bitch! Oh yeah, it'z time to have sax Baby girl, let'z have sax Tell me doez you like to have sax? I love sax... hot sax...
Hypnosis 02:19
Ahhhhh! It was nighttime. A man had entered the house. He was going to cut our throats. Hey yo, I'm so ferocious I leave foez with broken nosez Or comatose, it'z the most atrocious Never shown emotionz, I'm known for dopeness 'cauze I smoke till I overdosez Your eardrum undergo hypnosis With this flow I control the oceanz And nope, still ain't got no diplomaz 'cauze nobody done schooled me yet Son, I givez a fuck what crew you rep And you could lose the vest My Uzi head-shot introduce you to death You'd be a fool to step if you knew all the toolz I kept 22'z and Tec'z, so who'z next? I sprayed a few projectilez, then I threw the “X” You couldn't be more bitch if you grew some breastz In my Luger Lex, a superstar (ahhhh) Rapperz in their lil' stupid carz (haaaa) Think you dope? I'ma prove you aren't (uh-uh) With two barz, blow you dudez apart (uh-huh) I do my Hammer dance, 'cauze none can touch me Except chickz I pickz to hump me (Uh-uh!) Teach you how to Sneak, motherfuck the Dougie I comez with flavor like Chuck D (Bass!) Bass for your face, I came for the papez Get the plastique, break in your safe I'm coiled up like a dangerous snake And one false move, I'ma lay you to waste Don't be a hero, stay in your place Just look down like you're sayin' your grace This kid made a mistake and so I gave him a taste Hiz mainframe got the data erased I'm a moving target, it'z hard to shoot me Nah, you're too far removed G Marcus Dupree... you tryin' to spar with Bruce Lee You're John Starkz guarding 23 Chancez aren't improving Mobz of groupiez on my Johnson, ooowee! Va-va-voom, we gettin' naughty, who'z she? Hot-ass cutie let me honk the boobiez This iz not a movie, like I said on “Lazër Crow” I slay hoez every day fa sho It'z not TV, it'z H.B.O... "Hammel Bustin' Out" with your favorite flow I make the dough, you got a wayz to go And fuck rulez, I'm breakin' thoze When it come to rap, trust a name you know: Sneaky Sneak, I'm so amazin' yo
How-To 03:02
Ugh... I'm nauseous, glad I brought this Sick bag case I haz to vomit Ill flow, all you bastardz want it Nutsack, hella rapperz on it Big sackz of chronic, a rapstronaut Gettin' high, 'bout to catch a comet Doin' massive bong ripz, yeah, that'z the bomb, bitch I make a handsome profit Mad bank, still got plenty left in my gas tank Grab my damned shank 'cauze theze catz ain't caught my drift yet You suckaz muhhfuckaz hush up like Anne Frank Shhhh! I'm a phenom rapper Y'all won't catch up till eonz after They caught me on camera I had my ballz out, dancin' like Deion Sanderz Sneaky in the house, you 'bout to get a how-to Work that body out, who Want to break it down? You Must do what the sound do Baby make it bounce, ooh That'z what I'm about boo Buckle up for round two Yo, I been had game since the dayz of 8-bit Old school player like my name waz Naismith Let'z get back to basicz If you can't spit, you ain't gettin' on, face it Heinrich... say my name, trick And fix your face 'fore I rearrange it You gon' need a facelift, my aim iz To bring the pain, I can't wait, I'm anxious So much brainless twitz on my anus I need Preparation H, I'm goin' ape-shit! What part of greatness you hoez ain't get? The fuck'z you been eatin'? Paint chipz? Hey... y'all wan' hate? Hate this: $10K on the Jacob bracelet 10 babez on the Lazër spaceship I'm MJ, Game 6 (swish!) I can't miss! Welcome back, you're now tuned Into Sneaky'z how-to Work that body out, who Want to break it down? You Just do what the sound do Baby make it bounce, ooh That'z what I'm about boo Got to make the crowd move I'm a bad guy with an appetite For hittin' catz up like an @ reply First I black your eye Then you gon' either act right or you haz to die See you in the afterlife Wack MC'z ain't half az nice My rapz were tight before I had a mic And trackz are fly like satellitez Girl, get your handz up high You ain't camera-shy I'm tryin' to see you shake your ass and thighz You gotta catch the vibe, shawty twerk that thang Your backside lookin' fat tonight (thank you) Damn right I'ma fantasize Just dance homegirl, don't act surprized Hell, I'm just a man aiight? I like big buttz and I cannot lie Sneaky in the house, you Foolz just got a how-to Worked your body out, who Still ain't breaked it down? You Must do what the sound do Baby make it bounce, ooh That'z what I'm about boo Wrap it up, we're now through It'z Uzi Muzik, bitchez New label, new bangerz Holla! (Goodbye)
S My W D 03:16
Right about now... Yo... Iz this mic on? Sneak 'bout to rap like a python, grab your Nikon Get a pic that'll last when I'm gone A portrait of a muzik icon Had a lifelong dream to write songz Since I burst out from inside of my mom With a loaded sidearm C-4 flow finna blow, I'm a human time-bomb This Hammel, your pen pal Been a lil' while since I whipped my dick out I ain't mean to say “dick” there, it slipped out Got too throwed and my trouzerz slid down This sound iz sick, how you twitz doubt this? I flip stylez... then I stick the dismount Weak rapperz get clowned Bring that beat back yo, I need a snare and kick now This a danger banger Crow take aim with hiz lazër and waste a hater I got him trained to spray ya Straight erase your headspace, make your face a crater My deranged behavior I take the razor out, trust me, it ain't to shave ya I got nowhere to place the anger So I'm droppin' science like I changed my major Hold up Sneak, I'm freakin' lost, yo You rap quick, it'z hard to follow Aiight then, I'll talk slow: Say boo, doez you spit or swallow? Murciélago That'z Italian... for “What'z good? I clock dough.” Double-H in boss-mode I got homegirl full of meat like a freakin' taco In the whip, show her how to drive the stick right quick That'z a mighty tight fit But I knew she'd like it 'cauze I'm a psychic I got Jedi mind trickz And every line that I kick'z quite slick Rhymez sharp az icepickz Tryin' to get with Heinrich? Eat my shit You nitwitz couldn't be my sidekick I'm like you timez six Hide your chick if she got a fine ass I might hit One look at the boy'z gigantic privatez She get turned on like a light switch Now go rewind this, Sneak the nicest With all type of mic devicez Lookin' for the best rapper? I'm it So everybody else you could suck my white dick (Ohhhh yessss!) Ha ha! Hey, yo This just rapz, you nahmean? Let'z get real for a second I don't care if my dick waz white... Black... yellow... Indian... that other kind of Indian... Fuckin'... turquoize... clear That'd be badass... I want a clear dick But yo, I'm sayin' I don't care what color it iz All y'all can suck it, aiight? Theze foolz think they're rapperz Heh... Fuckouttahere! It'z Uzi Muzik Bend the knee, bitch Double-H out Holla!
Hey yo, I told you I'm through playin' with you fuckin' idiotz You like them Mother Goose lyricz? Stick to that radio bullshit Yo, yo... Yo, this iz not a brag, I got a lot of swag My nutz big az fuck, so I gotta sag 'bout to light this joint up, you want a drag? Kill the beat and leave the track up in a body bag Uh, some people don't like the boy They jealous of the lifestyle I enjoy Been buyin' all typez of toyz 'cauze I alwayz had cash like Mike Sirois And I might destroy a MC talkin' 'bout he got “better skillz” Roll on him like a fresh set of wheelz Catch him at that stop light, hop right out Knife out, now shit iz getting real, my machete killz Somethin' in the waistband you don't wanna taste, fam I ain't got the heat... I beat you with a paint can Sneak, he a made man And I can't stand wack rapperz more fake than spray-tanz And all I see'z red, make you eat lead I'm in that Lambo like Cheezeheadz Puttin' holez in your dome, drive-by'z till the beef dead Niggaz in the 'hood give me street cred' Yeah, Sneak said it, and you can quote me They can't take me out this game, I'm Kobe Even with a broke knee, I won't leave My limp just look more pimp, I'm O.G. And y'all dudez thought Lazër left, heh... Nah fool, I FAKED MY DEATH I'm not through gettin' paper yet Hot tunez gonna make you sweat Like C+C, yes I came correct Sneaky Sneak drop jewelz, no safety net You think he gon' fall off and break hiz neck? Pshh... In your dreamz homey, place your betz 'cauze H the best Annihilate the rest I blaze the techz Prolly make a mess Save your threatz You haterz 'bout to pay your debtz You in danger? Yessss Uzi Muzik!
Aux. Power 04:01
It'z tough remembering... and reassembling So many memoriez... sifting the imagery It'z like a mystery... what'z my identity? This wazn't meant to be, nah, you must be shittin' me Lazër iz history son, the clique'z officially done We did essentially run shit tremendously But now I haz my epiphany I need to reformat, reprogram and reconfigure me Enter the Sneak, individual deep into criminal schemez He'z a sinister creep Who live in infamy from writin' nice az calligraphy When the pen be scribbling anything I'm envisioning This shit iz riveting... I hope you're listening Come trip with me, ha-hallucinogenically I come equipped with the bomb like your dispensary Hip-hop'z been poizoned, this be the remedy Why are we whispering? Can't we all just admit that we Love fiddling with our genitalz, gettin' 'em slippery? I'm swimmin' in pink, you could potentially spend a week Countin' women who've been with me, drenching the pussy instantly Workin' it endlessly, steady squirmin' on my extremity Squirtin' my mini-me'z all up into 'em, gettin' buzy Theze spermz the infantry and my ween'z the meanz of delivery Rhythmically sending streamz of my jism in 'em continually “Ahhhh!” Livin' the dream, I'm “Fresh!” az Listerine This rhymin'z like a gift I been given under the Christmas tree Supreme soliloquiez beating rapperz convincingly Face factz, your muzik iz trash and you've been littering Nine out of ten criticz agree when I'm hittin' the screen Women'll scream, that kid Sneak iz a primitive beast Once my shit iz released, bodiez litter the streetz Cripple your weak little physique, rinse and repeat I dismember you geekz on minimal sleep Physical freak, peep how far my tentaclez reach I'm toxic, I excrete lethal chemical leakz Though the skin, eliminate all rezidual beef Spittin' this heat till my lipz iz typically blistering Render listenerz clinically insane eventually Givin' theze industry shit stainz a chance to witness the Lyrical wizardry and proficiency I'm exhibiting Limitless energy, infinitely rhymin' relentlessly Vicious intensity, you're an imbecile if you're dissin' me Uh... the plot iz thickening, check the consistency Ask N.D.T., this be interesting scientifically MC'z predictably wishing I'd end their misery Sneaky givin' 'em fitz when he spittin', never get rid of me Heh... picture me givin' a shit, realistically This would be ridiculous, theze being my enemiez Nope, it'z no sympathy, nothing even resembling hope I'm so menacing, foez iz so finished We won't be old friendz and the flow be so sickening Snow will be falling in hell the day I miss a beat Never been bitten, see I've alwayz written theze Rhymez in invizible ink, it ticklez me pink How they're throwin' everything and the kitchen sink At me, myself and I, my god, the Holy Trinity Get stoned religiously, mo' chickz than polygamy Frozen cryogenically, yo, this the epitome Of a complete and total victory If I choze to leave, I'd do so deliberately Ctrl-Alt-Delete all thoze who would compete I've shown a tendency to get vocally obscene My scrotum'z literally exploding with the seed And radio'z got no hope to censor me But fa' sho' they'll mention me and quote me centuriez From now when they go download the .mp3z Flame-throw a microphone, know what I mean? So don't get in-between, fuck dope, I'm dopamine One dose of Sneaky Sneak will smoke your whole routine Insult to injury, I'm s'posed to end this thing but I won't, I'm a machine I'll go until your speakerz blow, I'm gettin' green And rollin' in the cream like, “Whoa! Iz this a dream?”


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Many more bangerz comin' soon.


released November 9, 2016

© 2016 Uzi Muzik / The Bizness Company / Sneaky Productionz (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



LAZËR Dallas, Texas

Most Danger Band on the Planet.

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