Roofiez P​.​S​.​A.

from by LAZËR

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Hey, Briso! Up and at 'em, Chief!

No, Grandmomski, I don't want to... Ah! Wait.. who... who... who iz you?

Lane Rackets, Whale Voice Records. You forget me already?


Haha. Well, listen, I bet you're wondering why I called you down here to the studio at the crack of dawn. See, it's the song "Lazër Date"… it's hilarious, great tune, great tune, but… well... we just feel that not every listener's gonna be clever enough to realize the roofies thing is all tongue-in-cheek. We need to have you record a P.S.A.... A little disclaimer, if you will.

Um… you want I record a commercial?

Riiiiight, it's a similar kind of setup. Don't worry, it'll be quick; in and out. You ready?

Um, well... okay... I guess...

Great, I'll just step over into the control room and we'll get started.

Okay Briso, now do a focus. 910%. There'z no "I" in team...

Okay, Briso. Let's run through this one time. Just uh… introduce yourself and address the roofies thing. I think you can manage it. Roll tape.

Um... okay. Hey everybody, it's Briso from Lazër here! I just am wanting to let you know that Lazër lovez roofiez!

Ha ha! He's a funny guy isn't he? Okay, this time it's for real.

Oh, you want I be more serious?

Ha ha ha, exactly! Take two, rolling.

Hello, I am Briso from Lazër. Roofiez iz good.

Okay Briso, I know you like to joke, but we're burning daylight here. Studio time isn't free. Work with me here. Now, we've got you introducing yourself, so just say, "Roofies are no joke," or something, and we'll be done. Take three. Roll it.

Roofiez are no joke or something.

I don't know, he's an artist, what can you do? Alright Briso, I can see you're not in the mood to cooperate today. We'll reschedule this for another time.

No! I do it good now, I promise! Roll the tapez.

Fine, do it.

Hello, it iz Briso from Lazër. I am wanting to tell you roofiez iz best candy around! Oh man, that iz perfect! That'z a wrap.

Damn it man! You know they aren't candy, right?

Um... yes.

Well you sure as hell don’t sound like it! Look, you don't eat them. Guys use them to make girls fall asleep so they can rape them.

Ohhhh, yes! I get, now I get! I do how you iz wanting. Here, I show you:
Hey, kidz! I'm Briso, and Lazër iz wanting to tell you that roofiez make girls fall asleep, so you can rape them!

Ahhhhh! Idiot! Date rape is not good, it's bad! Roofies are bad! If you don't do this right we're gonna have to take the song off the record. Do you understand?

Roofiez is bad?

Yes, that’s it! Say that again!

That again.

No, say, "Roofies are bad," again.

Roofiez are bad again.

God, you stupid son of a… Ah forget it, we’ll just edit it. Cut! Get that dumb bastard out of the booth.


from Let Me Dance You, released May 23, 2005
Produced & Arranged by Hammel for Sneaky Productionz
Recorded by Keinhorst at Whale Voice Studioz
Additional vocalz by Lane Rackets

Published by Sneaky Productionz (ASCAP)
© 2005 Whale Voice Entertainment/Sneaky Productionz, LLC




LAZËR Rhineland, Missouri

Most Danger Band on the Planet.

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